#222 | Stability With Swiss Precision

Stability With Swiss Precision Stability is firmly embedded in the genes of Swiss company Ingrema. For more than 25 years our “ice cream partner” has stood at the cradle of countless successful European launches of ice cream, premium ice cream, milk ice cream, water ice, fruit sorbet ice and vegan ice cream.

#221 | Caramel Granulates

Caramel Granulates Under The Dutch Fudge House© brand, we produce fudge to an authentic recipe, in an amazing range of shapes, sizes and formats. Our granulates are suitable for an array of food applications. They can be kept in the freezer, used in baking and come in industrial packaging. Contact us to find the fudge…

#219 | Organic Portfolio by TasteStrik

Organic Portfolio by TasteStrik Organic is booming. The availability of organic ingredients increased greatly over the past five years, as bakery, culinary, dairy, chocolate, confectionery, speciality and breakfast cereals manufacturers have continued to grow their range. We hereby would like to keep you informed of the organic possibilities of TasteStrik©

#217 | Crazy but tasty!

Crazy but tasty! TasteStrik© makes variation in your program… Specially baked batters, based on cookie granulates. Excellent performance with an enormous flavour, and stability boosed. You can blend our cookie crumbs perfectly with your current crumbs. Ask our technologists for the right solution with the best colour, taste & mouthfeel.