Pimp Your Ice Cream, Choctab’s & Cookies!

Pimp Your Ice Cream, Choctab’s & Cookies! In our Mixing the Finest© facilities we blend the tastiest premium ingredients to one unique mix. This may include chocolate, freeze-dried fruits, fruit granules, extruded grains, fudge, granolas, European marshmallows, aromatised and coated sugars, and many others. We also use inclusions from our Lumpy Bumpy© range. All our…

EarlyTastyBird | De goudbruine smaak

EarlyTastyBird | De goudbruine smaak. U bent op zoek naar de ideale smaakafronding. Naar die prachtige goudbruine kleur, zonder gebruik te maken van kleurstoffen. Dan is het de moeite waard om u te verdiepen in de eigenschappen van gekarameliseerde suiker. Een puur natuurlijk product dat wij in groeiende hoeveelheden aan de voedingsindustrie leveren. Omdat producenten…

Your American Cookie Specialist!

Your American Cookie Specialist! BLACK AMERICAN COCOA COOKIES Bread-, Pastry-, Cereal-, Ice Cream- & Chocolate Creator’s.. 13 Different sizes and versions of Black American Cocoa Cookies! Ask our Cookie Expert. Name it, we have it! For every project a Black American Cocoa Cookie. No palm With or without cream Chunks to powder  

If you need a powder… to create?

If you need a powder… to create? We offer you Free Flowing High Quality Tasty Powder Ingredients… Powder Fascination! 100% freeze-dried fruit powders; e.g. strawberry, raspberry, banana, cranberry Crunchy freeze-dried fruit powders; e.g. orange, lemon, passion fruit Dairy powders; e.g. yogurt, buttermilk, skyr, quark Biscuit powders; e.g. butter biscuit, speculoos, cocoa biscuit, ladyfingers, whole grain Flav-R-Swirl; a high quality, preblended mix formulated to create…

Caramelised Milk Powders

Caramelised Milk Powders Bread-, Pastry-, Cereal-, Ice Cream- & Chocolate Creator’s..  Caramelised Milk Powders are caramelised mixtures of icing sugar and skimmed milk powder at a ratio of 1:1. Differing degrees of colour and taste are formed depending on the degree of caramelisation. The more a product is caramelised, the more intense its taste.

EarlyTastyBird | OneBatchBox©

EarlyTastyBird | OneBatchBox© With our OneBatchBox© concept you can turn Single Premium Inclusions & Decorations into something Unique. With more than 30 years of experience, we would like to introduce the right OneBatchBox©. We are ready together with more than 15 suppliers of Inclusions & Decorations.

FIEN© – Food Ingredients Encapsulations

FIEN© – Food Ingredients Encapsulations Where Flavouring & Ingredients come together to make your products great in Taste & Performance. Please call our International Business Office at TasteStrik©. Jasper Kappelle & Remco Roemer will coordinate your request accordingly with our Creative / Technical Taste Engineers. We also gladly invite you in our TasteLab© centrally located…

Your Sea Salt Inclusion Innovator in Europe

Your Sea Salt Inclusion Innovator in Europe Your Sea Salt Inclusion Innovators in Europe – For among other Challenges in ChocoBars, ChocoDragees, Pastries and Ice Cream. Our portfolio consists of a wide range of innovative and creative sea salt inclusions in the field of fudge and caramel, varying from dark fillings and creams to cubes and bits,…

Lumpy Bumpy© – Decorations and inclusions

Lumpy Bumpy© – Decorations and inclusions DECORATIONS AND INCLUSIONS Our Lumpy Bumpy© range is made up of a wide variety of decorations and inclusions. Ingredients such as biscuits, nuts, grains or fruits are coated with chocolate, vegetable fats, sugars, etc. Lumpy Bumpy© offers limitless applications for many segments of the food industry.