#131 | A superior fresh taste

A superior fresh taste RAPS Fresh GmbH is for then 25 years our FoodPartner in the field of Fresh Compounds, semi-finished products, ready-to-eat pastas, sauces and fillings for industrial applications, according to customer-specific recipe. Discover the RAPS FRESH LINE and give your products a unique, natural and authentic taste

#130 | Your B2B Granola Specialist!

Your B2B Granola Specialist! Would you like to get the best from your chocolate, bakery and frozen desserts? Discover our new CRUNCHY GRANOLA’S by Lumpy Bumpy© – your crunchy makers, a Strik taste brand. Specially designed by our TasteStrik chefs! A golden brown crunchy granola based on oatmeal. The deliciously lightly roasted oatmeal is enriched with…

#129 | Meaty Flavour Notes

Meaty Flavour Notes Angel natural flavor yeast extracts is a range within unique flavor based derived from yeast extracts, could bring distinct meaty flavor note, such as beef, chicken, pork, smoked meat to show the best results in savoury food applications. It has characteristics of specific and distinct flavor and also improves the complex taste…

#128 | Our cookie granules offer

Our cookie granules offer Coppenrath Feingebäck GmbH – Biscuits and cookies For six generations Coppenrath has been dedicated to the fine art of baking cake and producing cookie granules. Investments in modern cutting and sieving techniques have ensured that we can offer different particle sizes. The product range is versatile and includes drops, bits, chunks,…

#127 | Find your Fruit solution

Find your Fruit solution Freeze drying fruits while conserving flavour, colour, smell, structure and nutritional value is an art, which Paradise Fruits Freeze Dried understands like no other. We offer our partner’s full range, which will complement all your applications. The freeze-dried fruits are available in their original formats, sliced, granulated or as a powder.

#126 | Fruit Technologies

Fruit Technologies Paradise Fruits Solutions offers a range of high fruit content granulates, shapes and pastes that feature low water activity and bake stability to suit a range of product applications including; chocolate, confectionary, bakery products, cereal and granola bars, breakfast cereals and fruit snacking.

#125 | Caramel

Caramel Kerry Caramel Kerry offers a wide range of innovative and creative products in the field of fudge and caramel, ranging from dark fillings and creams to cubes and bits, soft fudge, chewy toffee and crunchy caramel with a full creamy taste and, where necessary, a nice crunchy bite. For many applications in desserts and…