#134 | Pimp Your Ice Cream

Pimp your icecream In our Mixing the Finest© facilities we blend the tastiest premium ingredients to one unique mix. This may include chocolate, freeze-dried fruits, fruit granules, extruded grains, fudge, granolas, European marshmallows, aromatised and coated sugars, and many others. We also use inclusions from our Lumpy Bumpy© range. All our mixes are available in…

#133 | Cocoa Origins Of The World!

Herza Schokolade GmbH & Co. KG Our FoodPartner Herza has a new range of chocolate couverture pieces made from specific fine organic cocoa varieties, designed for sweets, bakery products, ice cream and cereals with different cocoa beans origins. For example: Peru, Madagascar, Dominican Republic.

#132 | Waffle Crunch Granulates

Waffelfabrik Meyer – Waffle crunch granulate Our FoodPartner Waffelfabrik Meyer zu Venne GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative, third-generation family-run company. Waffelfabrik Meyer produces waffle products of the highest quality on the largest and most modern baking lines in Europe.