#131 | A superior fresh taste

A superior fresh taste RAPS Fresh GmbH is for then 25 years our FoodPartner in the field of Fresh Compounds, semi-finished products, ready-to-eat pastas, sauces and fillings for industrial applications, according to customer-specific recipe. Discover the RAPS FRESH LINE and give your products a unique, natural and authentic taste

#130 | Your B2B Granola Specialist!

Your B2B Granola Specialist! Would you like to get the best from your chocolate, bakery and frozen desserts? Discover our new CRUNCHY GRANOLA’S by Lumpy Bumpy© – your crunchy makers, a Strik taste brand. Specially designed by our TasteStrik chefs! A golden brown crunchy granola based on oatmeal. The deliciously lightly roasted oatmeal is enriched with…