#138 | Freeze drying – The Pure Fruit Experience

Freeze drying – The Pure Fruit Experience Our FoodPartner Paradise Fruits Freeze Dried is the outstanding expert in the field of freeze-drying. Their products do not contain any preservatives, but up to 100% pure fruit or vegetable – delicious and visually natural. They pride ourselves in providing a widely diversified portfolio of premium freeze-dried products and…

#135 | The Taste of Success!

Coppenrath Feingebäck GmbH – Biscuits and cookies For six generations Coppenrath has been dedicated to the fine art of baking cake and producing cookie granules. Investments in modern cutting and sieving techniques have ensured that we can offer different particle sizes. The product range is versatile and includes drops, bits, chunks, granules, crunch, etc. The…

#134 | Pimp Your Ice Cream

Pimp your icecream In our Mixing the Finest© facilities we blend the tastiest premium ingredients to one unique mix. This may include chocolate, freeze-dried fruits, fruit granules, extruded grains, fudge, granolas, European marshmallows, aromatised and coated sugars, and many others. We also use inclusions from our Lumpy Bumpy© range. All our mixes are available in…

#133 | Cocoa Origins Of The World!

Herza Schokolade GmbH & Co. KG Our FoodPartner Herza has a new range of chocolate couverture pieces made from specific fine organic cocoa varieties, designed for sweets, bakery products, ice cream and cereals with different cocoa beans origins. For example: Peru, Madagascar, Dominican Republic.

#132 | Waffle Crunch Granulates

Waffelfabrik Meyer – Waffle crunch granulate Our FoodPartner Waffelfabrik Meyer zu Venne GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative, third-generation family-run company. Waffelfabrik Meyer produces waffle products of the highest quality on the largest and most modern baking lines in Europe.