#207 | Caramelised Milk Powders

Caramelised Milk Powders Bread-, Pastry-, Cereal-, Ice Cream- & Chocolate Creator’s… Caramelised Milk Powders are caramelised mixtures of icing sugar and skimmed milk powder. Different degrees of colour and taste are formed depending on the degree of caramelisation (FK10, FK25 and FK40). The more a product is caramelised, the more intense its taste.

#199 | Let’s Crunch, Let’s Create, Let’s Mix

Let’s Crunch, Let’s Create, Let’s Mix Are you a product designer / creator for a Bakery-, Chocolate-, Confectionery-, Culinary-, Cereal- or Dairy Company? In our Mixing the Finest© Factory we are ready for take off! Here we blend the Tastiest Premium Ingredients to One Unique Mix. This may include Chocolate, Freeze-Dried Fruits, Fruit Granulates, Extruded…