#209 | We Wish You a Tasty 2021!

We Wish You a Tasty 2021! WE WENSEN U EEN SMAKELIJK 2021 ! WE WISH YOU A TASTY 2021 ! WIR WÜNSCHEN IHNEN EIN GESCHMACKVOLLES 2021 ! NOUS VOUS SOUHAITONS UNE SAVOUREUSE 2021 ! LE DESEAMOS UN DELICIOSO 2021 ! 2021, 滋味生活! Anouck Willard, Charlotte Peterse, Dave Stuifzand, Erik Harmsen, Jasper Kappelle, Jody de Nooijer,…

#207 | Caramelised Milk Powders

Caramelised Milk Powders Bread-, Pastry-, Cereal-, Ice Cream- & Chocolate Creator’s… Caramelised Milk Powders are caramelised mixtures of icing sugar and skimmed milk powder. Different degrees of colour and taste are formed depending on the degree of caramelisation (FK10, FK25 and FK40). The more a product is caramelised, the more intense its taste.