hoogwaardige ingrediënten

Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Core Values

  • Passion for flavour

    Flavour is our passion. Our heart beats to find and use new ingredients, new flavour
    combinations and to create new taste experiences. Dedication and inspiration are
    ingredients which are indispensable to us.

  • Professional

    Our knowledge is real, reliable, acquired through our own resources and it enables us to
    effectively and actively contribute to product development. Independently verified, we
    comply with the very latest legislation and regulations.

  • Customer-oriented

    We listen carefully, have short lines for feedback, sharp analytical skills and we act fast and efficiently. Our drive and enormous amounts of energy are what makes us a European player. Our taste solutions are always in the best interest of the customer, always add value and are always cost-effective with regard to the production processes. Speed
    however should never be at the expense of precision.

  • Honest and Pure

    We are honest, we do what we say and we say what we do. Our customers can completely rely on the quality, safety and effectiveness of our ingredients. We communicate to-the-point regarding (im)possibilities, create clear solutions without pointless extras.

  • Creative

    We do not shun experiments since inventing and discovering is in our DNA. We are a team with talented and creative people who love to intensively share their knowledge with our customers, thus creating taste concepts resulting in true innovation. This gives both us and our customers new energy. Our independence and self-reliance allow us to be flexible in the way we think and act. We are not stuck in a frame of mind nor do we follow other people’s footsteps. We look ahead, to see the trends of today and tomorrow and we approach these with an open mind. Where other people stop, is where we start.