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About TasteStrik©

TasteStrik© delivers to more than 350 customers in Europe. In 2022, more than 4.5 million kilograms of flavour enhancing ingredients were sold. Strik bv | TasteStrik© has a unique Tastelab© in which passionate ingredient engineers develop, elaborate and test ideas together with customers on a daily basis. The head office and the production site are located in Eemnes.

Part of Barentz, the global life science ingredients distributor

Since 2019, TasteStrik is part of the Barentz group. In line with Barentz’s credo “Always a better solution” we are  dedicated to find, develop, and create always a better solution.

And in case you want to enter a new market or country, we team up with the experts from Barentz to provide you with valuable insights.

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