TasteStrik© opens the world’s most advanced decorationa and inclusion blending factory

The demand for custom solutions for innovative blended products is increasing throughout the world. At the same time, they must meet the highest requirements in terms of taste, bite, applicability and responsible use of ingredients. In response to this demand, TasteStrik© has opened a new Mixing the Finest© factory in Eemnes, which is the perfect addition to our AroMade© and Lumpy Bumpy© factories.

The Mixing the Finest© factory brings together the world’s best mixing technologies under one roof, which represents a major step forward in the possibilities for the food industry. With the establishment of this innovative factory we want to remain the market leader in Europe, in close cooperation with our customers, to grow and tap into the market of decorations and inclusions outside of Europe.


Customisation is a top priority at TasteStrik©. Your desire for a taste marks the beginning of our search for the perfect solution, and we do not stop until we find exactly what you are looking for. Our decades of experience in product development, our passion for artisanal
aromas and ingredients and the availability of a complete range of relevant skills make it possible for us to satisfy every conceivable taste desire. The new factory also enables us to blend and produce decorations and inclusions at any scale.


The factory has a capacity of 1.5 million kilograms per year. With an area of 600 m2 there is room to support the future growth plans of TasteStrik© and its private labels. The production processes in the factory, which are largely powered by solar cells, are controlled by an integrated HelloStrik© software system. This means that any activity – from ordering of raw materials to shipping of the final products – can be started without the intervention of an operator. This makes the production system very flexible. We are capable of blending particles from 2 to 15 mm for products such as toffee, fudge, caramel, biscuits, fantasy sugar, chocolate, reconstituted- or freeze-dried fruit.

Our optimal taste solutions are developed by creating high-tech and innovative combinations of our own TasteStrik© tasty products with those of our renowned FoodPartners. For example, are you looking for coated biscuit bits in your muesli, without compromising the crunchiness of the product? Are you looking for a way to process caramelised biscuit granulates into sourdough bread? Or do you want to give your ice cream products a decoration that looks good but is also very tasty? Everything is possible! Our passionate and expert product developers create the product you require in accordance with FSSC rules and the technicians at the Mixing the Finest© factory take care of production in any desired quantity and packaging.


Technical progress or not, there are some crucial questions that every food producer wants to hear answered in the affirmative at all times: “Is it tasty, is the mouthfeel pleasant and is the product responsible in terms of health?” These questions also concern us every day and no product leaves our production areas without having undergone extensive testing. Naturally we have developed an exceptional sense of taste ourselves over the years, but we also prefer to have some products assessed by a special taste panel that is made up of
the children of one of our employees. They comment on the new products without restraint and with great enthusiasm. We take their opinion very seriously and we continue to work on the product until all three mouths enthusiastically pronounce, “Yes, that’s delicious!” With taste, Robert Strik.

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