Delicious Products For Your Vegan Ice Cream Concept šŸ§

Pimp Your Vegan Ice Cream!
Although it isĀ still winter, we at TasteStrikĀ© cannot wait for the ice cream season to start. Customers have almost finalized their (new) concepts for summer season 2023. And have now begun working on ice cream concepts for the winter season. We see that ice cream is not just a summer product anymore,Ā there are more and more innovative ice cream concepts that focus on winter.
In addition, we see that vegan ice cream is still under development.Ā It can be difficult to create the perfect smooth ice cream with the right melting trajectory, a nice taste without off-notes and the right toppings.

Discover our latest and good old favourite inclusions, decorations and blends that fit perfectly into your vegan ice cream creation!

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