Strik is a family business with an extraordinary passion for taste! Active on the European market of food ingredients. Leading developer, producer and supplier of high quality flavourings and ingredients for the bakery, chocolate, confectionery, cereals, culinary and frozen desserts industry. A major sparring partner for product developers, producers and marketeers.

At Strik we are intensively involved with taste on a daily basis. We deliver smell, colour and texture to the dynamic world of food. Where other people stop, is where our challenge begins! With original ideas and solutions we create unique flavourings and outstanding ingredients with which production methods can be improved or replaced. We do this together with our customers, who are happy to have us sit down with them for that purpose –to generate ideas and help them innovate. We listen closely to our customers, search for the most suitable solutions and come up with taste concepts that work!

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Robert Strik

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Strik has a TasteLab® in which passionate ingredients engineers daily develop and test ideas together with customers. The ideal spot for product developers, producers and marketeers from all over Europe to have ideas literally on the table.


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