Crunchy ChocWafer©

Crunchy ChocWafer© Crocant Chocochunks! – CrocantInside!© Double Chrunch!© Chocolate Inclusions or Decos with a Bite inside! ChocChunks & Croc Inside, an in house development. Made in Holland, thus good! GFSI approved. Our TasteEngineers passionately discuss, think, create, develop, test your ideas or our ideas. We follow up a formulated working process with respect for your brand…

Caramelised Milk Powders

Caramelised Milk Powders Bread, Pastry, Cereal, Ice Cream & Chocolate Creators… Caramelised Milk Powders are caramelised mixtures of icing sugar and skimmed milk powder at a ratio of 1:1. Divergent degrees of colour and taste are formed depending on the degree of caramelisation. The more a product is caramelised, the more intense its taste.