Pimp your Ice Cream!

imp your Ice Cream! Lumpy Bumpy© – Decorations and Inclusions Our Lumpy Bumpy© range is made up of a wide variety of decorations and inclusions. Ingredients such as biscuits, nuts, grains or fruits are coated with chocolate, vegetable fats, sugars etc. Lumpy Bumpy© offers limitless applications for many segments of the food industry.

Authentic taste through Natural Flavourings

Authentic taste through Natural Flavourings This very well-considered brand comprises a complete range of sweet flavours across the entire sweet taste gamma. AroMade© comprises liquid, spray-dried, powder and paste-based flavours in any required declaration, which add unique taste and offer creative solutions for virtually any application, from fresh and fruity to soft hazelnut or robust coffee flavour. Halal and Kosher certification suitable!

Pimp Your Ice Cream, Choctab’s & Cookies

Pimp Your Ice Cream, Choctab’s & Cookies In our Mixing the Finest© facilities we blend the tastiest premium ingredients to one unique mix. This may include chocolate, freeze-dried fruits, fruit granules, extruded grains, fudge, granolas, European marshmallows, aromatised and coated sugars, and many others. We also use inclusions from our Lumpy Bumpy© range. All our…