If you need a powder… to create?

We offer you Free Flowing High Quality Tasty Powder Ingredients… Powder Fascination!

100% freeze-dried fruit powders; e.g. strawberry, raspberry, banana, cranberry
Crunchy freeze-dried fruit powders; e.g. orange, lemon, passion fruit
Dairy powders; e.g. yogurt, buttermilk, skyr, quark
Biscuit powders; e.g. butter biscuit, speculoos, cocoa biscuit, ladyfingers, whole grain
Flav-R-Swirl; a high quality, preblended mix formulated to create a swirl effect in bread products.
Coconut Cream Powder; typical intensive and fresh coconut flavour
Caramel powders; sweet, aromatic, intense caramelised aroma
aroMade©; sweet natural spray-dried flavours
Vanillins; supreme, intenso, plus
Caramelized Milk powders; FK10 – FK40
Spray dried coffee powder; e.g. Robusta, Arabica, Robusta/Arabica blend
Cacao powders
Waffle powder
Yeast extract powders; basic, umami booster, kokumi
Encapsulated acid powders; citric and malic acid

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