Innovative essential citrus oils

Our Italian FoodPartner Capua1880 S.r.l. is the outstanding expert in extracting the essence of citrus oils. These products provide a special fresh citrus flavour to your product, with a beautiful declaration.

The Capua company represents the history of a 5 generations family business born in 1880; it is the history of the first pioneers who succeeded in extraction of the essence of citrus oils, particularly from Bergamot, in an industrial way. Above all it is the history of a never-ending passion, fed by tradition and carried nowadays by Rocco and Giandomenico Capua.

Lemon Oil Cold Pressed
Essential oil extracted by cold pressing from the outer part of fresh lemon fruits peel.
This product has a aromatic fresh citrus taste for bakery products, confectionery, beverages, desserts, essences, ice cream, milk products, pudding, sauces, soups and spirits. Recommended dosage: 1:1,000.

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