Tasteblog from Robert Strik

“For over 2,5 decades our house has been creating innovative, flexible and efficient flavourings that meet the highest quality standards and complex users’ requirements. Our field of work contains bakery, confectionery, chocolate, frozen desserts, cereals and culinary.

Now spring has begun: the wonderful ice cream season can start for our European customers. With much news in “creaminess”, a minimum of E-numbers, nice scoop properties and super premium ice cream. Tasty Decorations & Inclusions: Atlantic Sea Salt Caramel, Raspberry White Chocolate Chuncks, Caramel Cookie Crunch and Liquorice Fudge.

We can offer many recent developed binding and emulgation systems. Together with Ingrema we are very successful with Organic & less E-number concepts! These building blocks are exactly what is being asked by European retailers!

With aroMade® we developed flavours in powder form especially for this application, very delicately spraydried with a rich flavour load factor. For sophisticated dosage. Very stable, very simple. Bourbon Vanilla varieties, despite the fierce and sad circumstances in the countries of origin. Our powerful Bourbon creations – brands Prova and aroMade® – fit your application.

Furthermore we can offer dairy ingredients for bakery application from Suwelack: Yoghurt Powder, Quark Powder, Mascarpone Powder, Fresh Cheese Powder, Skyr Powder. Also easy to dosage in chocolate.

Umami, the 5th taste direction can be achieved with our aroYeast® Yeast Extract Blends. For immediate savoury taste experience, less salt and replacement of HVP/MSG. And so many more…

Ask Ben, Jos, Tom, Jasper or Koen for sample material. I gladly invite you in our Tastelab® in centrally located Eemnes, Holland. We will be more than happy to welcome you. Mixing the Finest Decorations and Inclusions!”

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